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About Us

E-Inspect Pro Inc.™ is helping our shops change their customer experience one customer at a time.

We are focused on helping you design your own process with our software. We can help you with every step of the way to design a unique customer experience that will separate you from your competition.

Integrated with your Shop Management system, we are able to print or email your custom inspection. Our program is web based so you can keep your data secure but still have the flexibility of using it with a tablet, laptop or PC. With E-Inspect you can keep your techs working in their bays by communicating easily with the service advisors and your parts department by simply changing status to alert them that action is needed. You can add and edit inspection items and customize the tool for your shop. We give you the tools to increase profits and create a more professional look for your customers.

  • Our customer write up, damage report and tire inspection is designed to give your service adviser that needed customer interaction and trust building relationship that we now lack with the computer write up. We need to get our advisors out from behind the counter and back in front of our clients. The personal interaction at the vehicle is critical! I firmly believe that 5 minutes at the vehicle is needed to fully understand your customers issues and needs. So much is now lost by just doing the quick write up at the counter and telling the customer we will call you. The electronic age has crippled our customer service skills, E-Inspect Pro's patented write up process allows that interaction to be brought back.
  • The inspection process has needed an electronic upgrade for years. We have had the computer system to write customers up since the early 80s. Why has our inspection process lagged so far behind? E-Inspect Pro, Inc., is the answer to the electronic inspection and is the easiest system on the market today. Our process now allows your techs to complete a quick inspection for the customer and take photos. The inspection is now emailed or printed for the customer for an awesome presentation.
  • Customer communication is now brought into the electronic age with email. Email your customer a custom report with pictures attached!
  • Internal reporting and communication is now easier with our tools. We allow the technician to electronically communicate with the advisor to keep them in the bays working, making you money, instead of at your parts counter or advisor desk.